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"Our trainer Courtney was brilliant.  Very soon into our day she was calling everybody by name and was tailoring the delivery to suit the cohort.  She managed people's expectations with a mix of authority and humour and reinforced the really important elements throughout the day.  I've been a trainer in the VET system for thirty years. Thank you Courtney for a very valuable day" - Patsy, Sydney


"The trainer was, without a doubt, the best informed trainer I have ever had for this course - after doing it 3+ times over the course of my career with St John's and Red Cross. He was exceptionally good - and he held participants' attention very well. Very very impressed. Well done CBD! (Your training will be highly recommended to others about to start their nursing degrees.)" - Caitlin, Sydney


I just completed my CPR course in the Dymocks building with Dave and just wanted to say that he was a fabulous instructor! He made the experience very enjoyable & practical. Thank you Dave! Georgia, Sydney


"The complete and comprehensive training given by Neil was highly commendable. Reality-based training which was both fun and educational! I hope all trainers are like Neil who makes the training realistic and interesting. Well done CBD College and kudos Neil!" - James, Brisbane


“I am writing to provide some feedback regarding my instructor Neil who we had in Brisbane for first aid training today. Neil is a fantastic educator and brings the classroom to life, he is professional and extremely engaging.  I will see you next year to renew my CPR!  Thanks :)“ – Nicole, Brisbane


"The was one of the best first aid courses I have been to and I would do the refresher course here. Well organised and Chris and Nat were above excellent teachers. They were very engaging and interested in what they were talking about. They did not lose my attention the entire session. The best part about this course is that they prepare you for real situation rather than textbook situations. First aid is discussed in the real world and they even talk about what help you might seek after provider first aid in serious circumstances. Loved the realistic approach to first aid, so good! " - Tom, Melbourne


"This was the third time I have been to the CBD College for first aid/CPR learning purposes. Each time I leave so impressed with the entire thing. So easy to book, no wait lists, I booked within 4 days this time. It runs so smoothly, the staff are passionate and know exactly what they are doing, they keep things interesting and are so knowledgable. The certificate being sent on the day is amazing as other places do not offer this, which can potentially leave employees out of work for a period of time. Today (and last year from memory) I had Janet and Chris and they were so great. I always reccomend this course to everyone and will continue to do so!" - Jean, Melbourne


“Hello, Just wanted to give you a little feedback on the First Aid course I attended yesterday, Saturday 21st October at CBD in Perth. I thoroughly enjoyed the day and feel I got more out of this course than others I have attended. Geoff (hope I have the spelling right) did a great job and I really appreciated his whole-hearted approach to teaching. Thank goodness there is still some of that old school style of teaching around - he said at the beginning he was 'going to get inside our heads' and he sure did!” – Janice, Perth


“Just wanted to say thank you for your team's patience and support today and confirm receipt of my CPR Certificate.  The Instructor, Joel @ Newcastle CBD College was excellent and also very helpful.” – Sharon, Newcastle